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AO-40 signals

I've just been listening to the MB on AO-40 , squint 33 degrees and very
weak signals received here.
I'm using my 2 mtr dish , 0.65 f/d with a 6 turn helical feed for the first
time and I'm surprised how weak the signals are.Before with my patch feed
that was over illuminating the dish in these circumstances I would have
expected signals at least S6 as compared to S1 at the present. Is it the way
the sat is at the moment or do I have a problem with the feed ?
Just looking for some constructive opinions please, I replaced the patch
with this 6 turn helical on the advice of many on this bbs but I am puzzled
with the results to say the least.
The feed is a dual helical with 6 turns on 1269 and 6 turns on 2401 one
inside the other with a common back plate.
Any ideas appreciated !!
73 & Happy new year to all
Keith VK6XH   Amsat member No 35338

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