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Professionalism and the AMSAT Mail List

>> Subject: [amsat-bb] QSLing
>> Muhahahahaah,
>> Im 2, TWO! years behind,  and now i feel just a little bit lazier.
>> I think ill wait till ya croak and send the card to your widow.
>> Im sure she will save them.
>Personally, I don't believe that this sort of highly rude behavior
>is appropriate, much less effective or necessary, on the AMSAT
>mail list.
>I am disappointed that this type of unprofessionalism appears
>to be implicitly condoned by our silence, and by the silence of our
>Board of Directors.

Who are you to decide what is appropriate?

And as to what is effective , well , i dont see any more whiny posts
"Im not getting my qsl cards! (insert feet stamping here)".

Necessary?  see above I.E. effective.

Disappointed?  Get out more.

And i speak for myself , read the disclaimer on the bottom of all posts.


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