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Re: AO-27

Excellent pass of 27 over Mid-America.  Worked n5afv, w2rs, n0zhe and 
ve7wfg.  Heard k04ma.

It was slightly confusing because SO-50 and AO-27 literally were less than 
1 degree in azimuth apart, so there was a lot of cross feeding going 
on.  Still, nice to see 27 back in action, if even only for a few minutes.



At 06:15 PM 12/28/2003 -0500, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
>I hope I'm not stealing anyone's thunder here.....
>I heard a digital signal tonight while listening to SO-50...then I heard
>N1UC...hmmm. I looked at my tracking computer and saw that AO-27 was up
>also, and on. After repointing the antennas, Chuck told me they had just
>uploaded a new scheduler program and that 27 would be on for 6 minutes in
>the evening in voice mode, and 1 minute each pass in the morning for
>telemetry. Right now the passes for SO-50 and AO-27  overlap some, but that
>will change very soon as SO-50 drifts earlier(they share uplink and downlink
>Very good news! Thanks to the AO-27 command team for their hard work...
>73, Drew KO4MA
W0EEC - CM87tm
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