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Re: Moon-based amateur radio transponder

Now, here is somethng that really turns me on! Who am I? A "Mr. Nobody" in
rocket science and just slightly more than a newcomer to amateur satellites,
so my opinions will count next to nothing.

However, I suspect that I represent a "one person sample" of a fairly big
community of science and technology enthusiasts - people who are attracted
to science as an intellectual interest and who - lacking formal education
and skills - cannot go beyond popular science books and being the kind of
appliance ham radio operator that I am. 

To the enthusiasts like us, putting a transponder onto the the Moon looks
like a real bonanza, something to fuel interest, committment and expectations
for years to come. Very humbly, to me there is no comparison between a project
like this and the planned Phase 5E.

What I want to say is that P5E is what the experts have come up with - I
am sure for good reasons. On the other hand, something like the moon transponder
appeals - I believe - to a much broader range of hams and - what is more
important - PROSPECT hams.

Thanks for a very good idea. I hope it will not die too soon!

Piero, HB9DSU

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