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rocket questions


First of all merry x-mas an happy new year to everybody, from the beautifull 
city Medellin in Colombia.

My internet acces is some what limited, but I am still working on some 
future projects, when I finish my travel around the world. I just seen the 
interresting messages about the moon-station idea.
Thats good, keep on brain-storming and finally we will find a way to have a 
AROLS (Amateur Radio On Lunar Surface) :o)

For my (slowly) research I have some questions again :o)

The efficiency of a rocket is expressed in an ISP number...

Does anybody know if there is an ISP number for explosives ???
Or other data, like how many force in what time some explosives do give ???

7 de PE1RAH, in Medellin, Colombia...

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