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Re: When will AO40 transponder be up??

On Friday 26 December 2003 18:46, Emily Clarke wrote:
> The Transponder is always turned on - it's only the passband that is shut
> down.
> 73,
> Emily

Hi All,

   just to be a little more clear on this...
transponder definition...

Transponder - Electronic package aboard a telecommunications satellite that 1) 
receives transmissions from earth (uplink); 2) changes signal frequency; 3) 
amplifies the signal; and, 4) transmits the signal to earth (downlink).

the Transmitter is on, the beacon is running,but...

the TRANSPONDER for U/S or L/S is OFF...

but per Staceys note... couple weeks maybe it will be back on

Kevin WA6FWF

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