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5400B Rotor/Software Help

I finally got my station back up after moving from Austin, TX to Cherry Hill, NJ. Never again! Lots of things no longer seem to work properly and I'm stumped. I've tried several software and hardware packages but the rotor and computer don't agree. Azimuth seems close but the Elevation isn't in the ball park at all. I've tried NOVA, FODTrack, and Station with similar results using either the SASI or FODTrack interfaces. The elevation rotor never goes where it is supposed to, or in calibration mode I can tell the rotor to go to a particular elevation and it does, but when I command it to go to 0 deg. it just sits there. Could it have something to do with Flipping? Could I have things oriented all wrong on the roof? Also seem to be getting a pulsing from the 3733 Down Converter around where the AO-40 beacon should be (123.300 mhz) 

All suggestions appreciated
If I don't get things solved soon I'll be putting a lot of gear for sale :)
Happy Holidays!
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