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Hello All;
     First I would like to wish everyone A Very Happy Holiday Season! And
hope we
can all fill our logs with new DXCC Countries via the satellites!
     I'm trying to get my log uploaded to LOTW (Logbook of the World) and
much trouble. I really like the paper QSL's, as you can tell by the webpage,
but if it will make it
easier to confirm contacts, I'll try it. Has anyone found a logging program
that works well with satellites
and exports in ADIF in the correct format for LOTW? Currently I'm using
LogWindow, and not very
happy with the way it exports. I found that LOTW uses full names of
satellites, i.e..  Fuji-OSCAR 20 or
AMSAT-OSCAR 10. Of course when I logged my contacts I logged them as FO-20,
or AO-10, which
fits in the space provided by the logging program, as I would guess with
most logging programs. But when
the program exports, I find that instead of even the shortened name of the
satellite, I'm only finding a one
digit number. So I'm manually changing every QSO with TQSL (the program used
to digitally sign your log
for LOTW). But with Thousands of QSO's in the log, it will take forever. I
also found that in the list of satellites
in LOTW, that Safex that was on board Mir, is not listed, so I have no way
to log all the very nice QSO's via Safex!
     Please let me know what you have found.

Thanks for any suggestions & 73;
Steve KB8VAO
ps. I'm also looking for a program to log 24 & 47 GHz!
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