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ISS Syntax ?

I successfully heard the ISS packet machine on two orbits today. 

I saw for example the ISS machine sending back RS0ISS-4* digipeated.
Does that mean when trying to relay through ISS you need to use the same
RS0ISS-4 callsign ?  

Sample RX:
Fm XE2ARF To CQ Via RS0ISS-4* <UI pid=F0 Len=24 >[12:49:17]
>DL81uv/- Viva Mexico !

Fm K6ENQ-3 To HAL Via RS0ISS-4* <UI pid=F0 Len=20 >[12:46:36]
Merry Christmas ISS

I tried several times to see my own msg digipeated but was not
successful.  I wonder if I am using the correct callsign ?  Should I use
RS0ISS-1 or RS0ISS-4 ? Any ISS users out there please advise.  

Stations Copied via RS0ISS from Phoenix Arizona on Dec 23rd.  

73 Jim 

Jim Tudehope 
Ham Link: http://members.cox.net/jtudehope/KL7QR.htm

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