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Re: Com port output clattering / PTT control problem

On Fri, 19 Dec 2003 18:35, k7xq wrote:
> I just developed a problem when setting up for JT-44/65 and FSK441. I
> notice that the com port from the sound card to the sound card interface
> ( or even just to the XCVR ) causes the TX control relay to clatter. I
> tried using RTS and DTR lines and the same problem. In other words, I
> just cant seem to get a solid PTT signal out of the com port. Has anyone
> experienced this problem ??

I have an FT-847 and use an interface along the lines of that shown in the 
manual. I've recently become interested in HF PSK31 (got tired of talking to 
myself on the satellites) as well as FSK441 and have noticed that the tx/rx 
relay chatters on release.

This can't be good for the relay or the radio and seems to be caused by the 10 
mfd capacitor on the interface board slowly discharging. Is this normal? I'm 
also suffering with RF feed-back that's proving difficult to eliminate.


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