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Augmenting/Replacing Nova Announcements

I like Nova's announcements, but there are a few that are missing for 
different satellites.  Personally I would prefer a female voice rather than 
a male voice - maybe you wish the announcements to be in Spanish, German or 
French rather than English.  The good news is that you can replace/augment 
the sounds Nova makes using voice prompts.  If you are like me, you 
probably don't have a friend who is a professional announcer to record the 
prompts for you, but there is an alternative. There is a very good 
interactive multi-lingual text to speech demonstration site that is 
operated by AT&T Labs:


The site doesn't allow you to save your work as a local file, but there is 
an alternative procedure.  Here is how I replaced mine using Internet 
Explorer under WinXP - your browser and OS steps may vary:

1) Start Internet Explorer and select Tools/Internet Options.
2) Select the "Settings" button to launch the Settings dialog, and write 
down the "Current Location" location.
3) Close the Settings dialog
4) Optionally select "Delete Files" and select "Delete all offline 
content".  It may take a while to flush your cache but it will make some of 
the following steps run a bit faster.
5) Close the Internet Options dialog

Backing up the current Nova sound files (please do this!)
6) Use the Windows Explorer and go to the Program Files/Northern Lights 
Software Associates folder.  Open the Nova for Windows folder.
7) Right-Click on the Sounds folder, and select "Copy".
8) Right-Click on a blank part of the folder and select "Paste" (creates 
Copy of Sounds folder).
9) Double click on the Sounds folder and leave it open.

Opening the Cache
10) Navigate to the location you wrote down in step 2, and open the 
Temporary Internet Files folder.
11) Use the horizontal scroll bar to scroll to the right until you see the 
"Last Modified" header.  Click this so the arrow is pointing down (most 
recent first.)
12) Leave this folder open.

Capturing Text To Speech:
13) Navigate to the URL shown above.  Select the voice and dialect you 
would like to use, and type the text you want to replace or augment (for 
example, SO-50).  You may need to spell it phonetically if you don't 
achieve the correct pronounciation (ie, rather than SO-50 you may want to 
try ess oh fifty).
14) Go to the folder from Step 12.  Press F5 to refresh the folder.  You 
should see the wav file for the last test at the top of the list. (You can 
double click to confirm.) Drag this to the desktop and rename it to the 
name of the satellite.
15) Repeat steps 13 and 14 for each thing you would like to replace/augment.

Updating Nova for Windows
16) Start Nova and select Setup/Satellites.  This launches the Satellite 
Editor dialog box.
17) Select a satellite (say SO-50).
18) Change the name of the wav file you created in step 14 for SO-50 to the 
Catalog Number (ie, 27607.wav).
19) Drag this to the Satellites folder in the Sounds folder (step 9) - go 
back to the Nova "Satellite Editor" dialog. You may have to overwrite a 
file if you are replacing an existing file.
20) Click the speaker icon (next to Cancel).  The file name should be the 
same as the file name in step 18.  You can click Play to test the modification.
21) Repeat as needed.

Updating "Is Rising", etc Prompts
22) These are in their own folders (AOS, LOS, TCA)  - you must rename them 
the same as the sound file you are replacing.

Backing out the changes
If you decide you don't like the way things worked out and want to go back 
to the originals, just:
1) Delete the Sounds folder
2) Rename the Copy of Sounds folder created in step 8 to "Sounds".

Caveat - the ATT TTS site is for non-commercial use only.  Since we are 
amateurs, this shouldn't be a problem.



W0EEC - CM87tm
AMSAT Area Coordinator - San Francisco Bay Area
http://www.projectoscar.net    http://www.emilyshouse.com/W0EEC 

Help Launch Echo - http://www.amsat.org/amsat/sats/echo/index.html

W0EEC - CM87tm
AMSAT Area Coordinator - San Francisco Bay Area
http://www.projectoscar.net    http://www.PlanetEmily.com 

Help Launch Echo - http://www.amsat.org/amsat/sats/echo/index.html

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