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Easter Island -- Rare?

A local ham friend of mine is planning a one week trip to Easter Island in
February.  He has applied for a license and hopes to operate HF.  (He spent
a week there about a year ago, but didn't get much time on the air).

He's interested in satellites and has bought most of the gear for an AO-40
station, just not on the air yet.  I'm trying to talk him into taking an
AO-40 station along, even though 1 week would be a short stay for AO-40


1. How rare is Easter Island via satellite?  It would be a new one for me,
but if everybody else has worked it, then it may not be worth his trouble.

2. Are there any new ideas for a portable dish in the 1 meter range?  Bob's
APRS dish looks like a good bet, has anyone else built one of those?  Does
anyone know if the TEKSharp 1.2 meter dish breaks down small enough to
transport?  It looks like it comes in a kit and might be sort of portable.

3.  Any chance he could borrow parts or all of a station?  I recall someone
has put together a portable AO-40 station, but I'm embarrassed to say I
don't remember who....never thought I would be asking!

4.  I'm thinking that AO-40 should be in pretty good shape by February...is
that a reasonable expectation?


Grant Zehr AA9LC

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