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A simple AO40 telemetry display program


While AO40 repeater is off, you can always watch the bird health with 
telemetry decoding softwares.

There are a number of excellent such programs for Windows.
See ftp://ftp.amsat.org/amsat/software/windows/telemetry or Linux 
(browse http://radio.linux.org.au/ ).

The more sophisticated are the excellent W4SM  P3t 
(http://www.keplerian.com/software/P3t_AP.zip or 
http://www.cstone.net/~w4sm2/software2/P3t_AP.zip) with internet facilities.
and fabulous AO40RCV by AE4JY (http://www.qsl.net/ae4jy/ao40rcv.htm) 
which only needs an audio card to capture and decode AO40 telemetry.

You can also get telemetry offline from AMSAT archives 
Telemetry from AMSAT-OSCAR 40 is collected for archiving by Paul 
Willmott, VP9MU, of AMSAT-BDA (Bermuda).
If you have ANY telemetry from AO-40 captured using the telemetry 
decoding program P3T, please forward it to
ao40-archive@amsat.org before you delete it.

Telemetry decoding programs save AO40 telemetry in compact files not 
easy to list offline.
I wanted to read AO40 telemetry files offline. Thus I looked for 
available programs.
I found Phase3d, a 2000-10-27 program from Klaus 0E1VKW and Viktor 
Kudielka, with C source code available.
But it was written for Linux and was not updated with the last telemetry 

Thus I updated the source with the last available telemetry 
specifications (TLMspec.txt release 1.8, 2001-10-05, by DB2OS, DJ4ZC, 
G3RUH and W4SM). I also included modifications with the help of G3RUH 
and W4SM and renamed it P3display.

P3display will display in human readable text AO40 telemetry included in 
different file types :
- A, E, N and M nnnn.tlm files from archives (N and M files need option -i).
- T......tlm (these are CRC ok files saved by P3t program)
- T......raw (these are CRC bad files, but still usefull, see above)

Attention : RAW files are not audio raw files, but decoded telemetry files.

P2display executable code for different platforms (MSDOS, Linux, 
Windows) can be found here :

Source code and AO40 telemetry specs are included into the archives.

73 de Bernard, F6BVP

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