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RE: FT-847 and PSK31 on satellites


The FT-847 documentation leaves a lot to be desired.  The PKT port is for FM
modes, and the DATA port is for AM/SSB/CW.  The documentation seems to be
based on an assumption of which modes are used on which bands.  So while you
can use the mic jack, it is far better to use the DATA port for PSK31, SSTV,
AO-40 TLM. etc .  A few quirks.  First, key the rig with the jack you are
sending data through.  Keying the mic jack while trying to send data through
the back ports does not work, for instance.  Second, over driving a port
will inhibit TX.  Finally, take at look at the FT-847 FAQ at
http://www.supercontrol.de/cat/ft847faq/ft847faq.htm  Lots of good info
there, much gotten by trial and error.



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