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What differents does it make if you pay postage to mail your check, or you
pay for a call to make your donation for project echo launch. I bet you did
not b*&^% about the taxes you payed on your satellite gear now did you.

point is sent your money so they can get echo launched with out any delays.
and then they can get started on project eagle.

You say you dont have the $20.00 right now to give, well then think about
1. give up smoking for 3 days.
2. stay away from that candy machine at work for a week.
3. stay home from the movies for the week end.
4. give up that six pack for one night.
5. dont go cruzen for one night and burn up a tank of gas.
On and On and

quit making up reason why not to send your money an just do it.
5000 AMSAT members cant be that tight with money. good thing AMSAT-UK got
the ball rolling otherwise the ball would still be in the box.

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Greg Wycoff
Conway Springs, Ks.
Grid EM17ej

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RS-10, RS15, RS-12/13,  SO-35, UO-14, SO-41
SO-50, KO-23, KO25, TO-31, UO-22

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