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RE: Donation

Amsat is a volunteer organization. If you think that a pay-pal interface would
be a useful concept, then go ahead and create one and offer it to Amsat. That
is how things get done in a volunteer organization, the person who sees a need
goes ahead and fills it. 

Of course after you visit http://www.paypalsucks.com you might not think that
pay-pal is such a good idea. I absolutly refuse to give my bank account
information to pay-pal, for reasons that you can read about on that web site.
Pay-pal is not a bank and is not regulated by any government agency. There is
nothing to prevent them from keeping any money that you send them. 

If you can't call Martha during the day, you can write your credit card data
on a sheet of paper and fax it to (301) 608-3410. That is a much safer way to
send money.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

Michael Hatzakis wrote:

I second the pay-pal concept. It is a very easy mechanism that is fast
becoming a defacto mechanism to move money around for purchases. 

Is there a barrier to setting up such an account for AMSAT? The only
downside is a small transaction fee, but that would be offset by the
increase in number of donations.

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