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Re: IC 910 followup

Hi Keith,
Just a few numbers from the ARRL tests on both radios:

MDS 144 MHz:
	FT-736R = -140.5 dBm (600Hz filter)
	IC-910  = -141.0 dBm (500 Hz filter)

Although the IC-910 measured slightly better, this would be
undetectable to a human operator. Also, when used with a
downconverter, this is mostly irrelevant anyway.

But look at this!
S-Meter Sensitivity for S9 reading: (144 MHz)
	FT-736R = 4.4 uV
	IC-910  = 25 uV

If you only looked at the S-meter, the FT-736 would give
a much higher reading for the same input. This is of
course completely irrelevent to how well it would
receive AO-40.

I had a friend who insisted that his FT-847 was completely
deaf doing exactly the type of A/B test you are doing.
With further examination though he found a problem with his
set-up. I suggest ditching the A/B switch and hook up the exact
same cable to each radio. Ignore the S-meter reading and listen
carefully. If you still think the FT-736 hears better,
then there is some defect in your IC-910 which would need
to be repaired.

Tony AA2TX

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