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Re: President's Letter December.

> With the same credit card in hand, try picking up the phone and calling:
>                          1-888-FB-AMSAT
> It's a free call, easier than PayPal, and you get to speak with Martha at
> no extra charge.  Also, PayPal won't take a cut of your contribution.

But it actually isn't free -- there is a charge to AMSAT for the call --
probably around 7-8 cents per minute but it may be slightly more.  And the
credit card processor gets a cut -- usually 2-3% of the amount plus a
transaction fee, generally around 25 cents.

PayPal's rates are competitive with credit card processing costs -- in some
instances PayPal costs more, in other instances less depending upon the deal
the organization gets from the credit card processor.

Richard L Shelby

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