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IC 910 followup

Thanks for all your replies and comments so far. What I have at the moment
is both radios fed into a coaxial switch at then off to my AIDC down
converter, 6 turn helical feed on a 2 mtr dish  ( 0.65 f/d ).
What I'm going to do  is add my Icom 820D to the tree position switch and
then I can switch between all three radios and get an even better
The point I was trying to get over in my original message is that the FT 736
R appears to have "more " signal to work with, by that I mean it is both
visually and audibly ahead of the 910.
I wont be making any rash decisions until AO-40 has been back up and running
for a few weeks.
It is interesting to compare radios and as some of you said, sometimes the
oldies hold their own against the lastest bells and whistles.
Thanks for your comments and Seasons Greetings to you all.
73 de Keith

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