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rotor jumpers

I would like to do a survey of what everone's using for rotor jumpers. I
will be tilting the tower over in the spring (some time in mid July here in
northern Vermont) and I'm curious what all you folks are using at your own
Currently, I have been using Belden 8214 foam coax, and  plan to switch ot
9913F, unless someone has a better suggestion.
I have heard folks using Andrews "Superflex" heliax, and that's what I am
using for the runs down the tower, into the shack, and I wonder how it
stands up to constant flexing.
I will have 2 meters, 435, and also 1269 (I'll feed that with 7/8 hardline
up the tower)
So AMSAT-BBers, what are YOU using?

Thanks, Happy Holidays, and VY 73 de WE1U
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