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PayPal again......

 Is anyone aware of the fact that credit cards take 1.5 to 5 percent? Most
are 1.5 to 2 percent, AMEX takes up to 5 percent. It doesn't cost anything
to setup a PayPal account, so why not just do it. If someone want's to use
PayPal it will be there for them. I think the 90 cent difference per $100
isn't worth wasting electrons over.

After thoughts....

What does the 800 call cost AMSAT anyway?? How about young ops, who might
not yet have a credit card? People who don't have any credit?  Zombie AO40
operators, who are only up at night?

73 Jeff kb2m

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> Arthur:
> Why not setup the PayPal for those who want it and ask them to add a
surcharge of $10 additional to the PayPal amount - say $110 to contribute
$100, etc.
> I agree the call is easier and I hate to see PayPal take any money but I'd
hate it even more to see AMSAT loose the money because AMSAT doesn't have
the option for those who must have the PayPal option before they will give.
> My 2 cents.
> BTW, I'd be glad to assist in setting up a PayPal option for AMSAT - I
have accepted PayPal for payment on eBay auctions and on used computer
equipment I have sold.
> 73's
> Don Woodward
> >
> > From: Arthur H Feller <afeller@ieee.org>
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> > Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] President's Letter December.
> >
> > At 11:43 PM 16-12-2003, Frank - KG6JVE wrote:
> > >I agree, I'd put something in if it was easy like PayPal.
> >
> > With the same credit card in hand, try picking up the phone and calling:
> >
> >                          1-888-FB-AMSAT
> >
> > It's a free call, easier than PayPal, and you get to speak with Martha
> > no extra charge.  Also, PayPal won't take a cut of your contribution.
> >
> > Try it!  You'll like it!
> >
> > 73, art.....
> > W4ART  Fairfax, VA
> >

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