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New Radio - Reply -

I also have a 910H and LOVE it... IF you are getting S7 as a noise
floor, you have either a very noisy devise in front of the 910 or your
DC has a bunch of gain and you are looking at traditional noise with the
gain of the DC bringing it up... Remember in this application the 910 is
nothing more than an IF receiver, if you are listening to S band
In the upper left of the 910 is a gain control for the front end of the
910. When listening, turn the RF gain down and you will be pleasantly
surprised.. Another thing is to bring up the front end attenuator
(either the 144 or 432) on the 910 menu and insert some pad, I run at
about "48"... I increase the attenuation until the s meter is at 0 with
no satellite in view. Then when AO40 comes up I get about S 1-2 of
transponder noise floor... Right now you will not see the transponder
noise floor to any great extent since all receivers aboard are not
patched through, but in a few weeks they will fire up the full
transponder and you will see the receiver noise floor...
I never owned an FT736, so I can not help with a A:B comparison.
Good luck with your new 910.
Gunther Meisse

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