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Re: New radio


Sounds like you now have a radio with more
sensitivity, and you will have to decrease the gain of
your downconverter. You do not want to see that much
noise when your are not tuning any signals. Maybe a
fixed attenuator between the downconverter and the
radio can help. Even the disconnection of any preamps
the new radio may have and the use of the radio's
attenuator can do the trick.

Your capability to receive weak signals will be given
by the overall noise figure, and a lot of noise on the
receiver when no signals are tuned doesn't necessarily
mean good performance.

In addition, the calibration of the S-meters makes no
sense once you add gain in front of the radio.

There might be other people out there with experience
on both radios that can give you a better point of
view. I don't own any of those radios.

Good luck, and keep experimenting!

73, Marc N2UO

--- Keith Bainbridge <vk6xh@arach.net.au> wrote:
> I recently bought a new Icom IC 910H to use as my
> satellite radio, it
> replaces a Yaesu FT 736R.
> Now the drama starts !Over the past few nights I've
> been listening to
> AO-40's beacon and although it isnt too strong and
> there is qsb on the
> signal the results are surprising !
> On the IC 910 H the noise level is S7 and it
> increases to max S9 with a
> received signal from AO-40 however on the FT 736R
> the noise level is S2 and
> it increases to S6 with a signal that is infinately
> more strong audio wise
> than on the IC 910.
> Has anyone else compared a radio to the 910 at all.
> Initially I'm regretting
> spending hard earned cash on a radio that doesnt
> seem to anywhere near as
> good as my old FT736R.
> The IC910 certainly appears to have good rx
> performance on terrestial
> signals but VERY disappointing on sats. I will await
> the return of AO-40
> properly before deciding what to do. Any comments
> appreciated !
> Cheers  Keith VK6XH

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