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New radio

I recently bought a new Icom IC 910H to use as my satellite radio, it
replaces a Yaesu FT 736R.
Now the drama starts !Over the past few nights I've been listening to
AO-40's beacon and although it isnt too strong and there is qsb on the
signal the results are surprising !
On the IC 910 H the noise level is S7 and it increases to max S9 with a
received signal from AO-40 however on the FT 736R the noise level is S2 and
it increases to S6 with a signal that is infinately more strong audio wise
than on the IC 910.
Has anyone else compared a radio to the 910 at all. Initially I'm regretting
spending hard earned cash on a radio that doesnt seem to anywhere near as
good as my old FT736R.
The IC910 certainly appears to have good rx performance on terrestial
signals but VERY disappointing on sats. I will await the return of AO-40
properly before deciding what to do. Any comments appreciated !
Cheers  Keith VK6XH

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