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Re: Half duplex heresy on FO-29

At 07:38 PM 12/16/2003 -0500, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:

>I'm probably gonna catch a lot of heat for this....
>I think we should establish a protocol for folks to use a half duplex radio
>like the FT-817 and an Arrow on FO-29.

Hi Drew,

I don't think you should catch any heat at all.

There is nothing wrong with running half-duplex. All you
need to do is make sure you are at least close to being
on-frequency. This is not hard with a hand calculator
except on AO-40 where most downconverters drift too much.

When I had a long commute, I used to run satellite mobile
in half-duplex using an FT-100 on RS-12/13, FO-20, AO-27,
and UO-14, and it worked just fine. To stay on-frequency,
without trying too hard (while driving!) I used an old 386
laptop ($10 on eBay) running InstantTrack and InstantTune
to automatically tune the uplink. Then, you can be perfectly
on-frequency and the other station will not even know you are
running half-duplex. This works with the FT-817, as well as
many other half-duplex radios with a decent CAT interface.

"Satellite Radios? We don't need no stinkin' Satellite radios!"

Tony AA2TX

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