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Half duplex heresy on FO-29

I'm probably gonna catch a lot of heat for this....

I think we should establish a protocol for folks to use a half duplex radio
like the FT-817 and an Arrow on FO-29. After some experience operating FO-29
with that setup (including at the Tampa Hamfest) I think we could include
lots of new guys using the gear they have. Recognize immediately I am NOT
saying we should encourage half duplex operation on the FM satellites due to
the single channel nature and the collisions that result. But on FO-29 it's
like operating crystal bound CW, call on one frequency and listen up and
down 15 khz. We have lots of room on 29 on the top end. I suggest
transmitting on 145.910, 920, or 930 if you are half duplex and listening
+/- 10 on 435.890, 880, and 870. Call CQ and mention "half-duplex". With
practice you can stay pointed at the satellite by just listening to the
noise floor! And with 5 watts and 3 elements, you'll have a decent signal,
but won't ever get too loud. Full-duplex stations should listen for these
guys, and reply with long calls so they can find you....

Again, NOT a proposal for FM satellites...


73, Drew KO4MA

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