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Re: Re: Sapphire (and other LEO) SatGates

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, Wolf Hoeller wrote about Making a Windows APRStk:

> What about: 486 or better a pentium I, Linux, predict for
> sat.prediction and Xastir as an APRS-client as well as an IGATE?
> When running Linux without X11, I think aprsd or digi_ned
> instead of xastir could act as an IGATE.
> As I understand, predict can communicate with other software via
> a socket - so the remotecontrol of a TH-D7 or a TM-D700 via the
> serial port could be possible.

What ever it takes, I think there will be LOTS of users or so.  Here is
what APRStk does via one serial port and 2 bits on the LPT1 port:

1) Tunes the D7 or D700 to each satellite in view
2) Adjusts the frequency for Doppler
3) Sets the internal TNC to 1200 or 9600 baud
4) Captures all downlink packets and feeds them via the internet to
   the APRS-Internet system (this is what APRStk CANT do! argh...)
5) Allows the Operator (if present) to QSO using the UI digipeating
   aspects of these birds (ie, sends messages in APRS format).
6) Pulses pin 2 and pin 3 of the LPT1 Port for RIGHT and LEFT
   turning of ANY cheap rotator system thought a suitible TRIAC and
   optoisolator(see http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/rotator1.html )
7) Recalibrates to South hard limit when Idle and near  South
8) Displays the graphical Elevation profile of ALL amateur satellites
   that will be in view in the next 2 hours for QUICK easy viewing.

See the example ELEVATION display of APRStk 60% down the ASTARS page::


The yellow tick marks are every 10 minutes.  Having this display always
running gives you in a 1 second glance a visualization of what is
happening on ALL Amateur Satelites in view over the next 2 hours.  And if
you have the kenwood, then your station will autotune and trak ALL of


de WB4APR, Bob

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