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Re: Sapphire (and other LEO) SatGates

Hi Bob et al!

When you want to see someone to write a software combining APRStk 
and Internetaccess running on an old DOS-machine - whats about 
this: 486 or better a pentium I, Linux, predict for 
sat.prediction and Xastir as an APRS-client as well as an IGATE? 
When running Linux without X11, I think aprsd or digi_ned  
instead of xastir could act as an IGATE.
As I understand, predict can communicate with other software via 
a socket - so the remotecontrol of a TH-D7 or a TM-D700 via the 
serial port could be possible.

73 de Wolf, oe7ftj

Have a look where I am: 

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