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Rotor Controller Suggestions

   A few months ago, I ask you all for suggestions on
rotor controllers for satellite.  After all the input
I got, I probably ended up reviewing most all the
systems on the market for rotor control with Azi/Ele
to control my satellite system. I have been real busy
lately, so I decided not to build an FODTrack or kit
based systems. 

   After all the reviews I settled on the "Antenna
Rotator System (ARS)" made by Pablo Garcia, EA4TX
based on a suggestion here on AMSAT-BB. It is a
board-only, not a complete system. I purchased this
system based on the availability of 10 and 12 bit A/D
and it's very wide compatibility list and relatively
low cost. It plugs right into the back of my G-5500
with 1:1 wiring (ie., didnt have to open the
controller, yeeah) and plugs right into a parallel
port. This is another strong positive, since I have an
8port serial adapter almost all filled up with other
shack accessories and controllers...! 

   I have to say, I am really really impressed with
this little thing and would strongly suggest anyone
wanting satellite or EME control to consider this unit
with the 10 or 12bit A/D option. 

   One measure of how well designed a product is, how
far along I can get without reading the manual. It was
a snap to configure, calibrate and operate the
supporting software. It works seamlessly with Satscape
using WispDDE. It contains all cables, software and
documentation. It works extremely well tracking Sats
in real time and is fun to watch in operation. It has
watchdog timing to protect against rotor binding or
jams. The manual is really good and except for Pablo's
fun use of the english language, it is an extremely
well written guide. Pablo is incredible at responding
to questions. I think 12 hours was the longest I had
to wait for a response. Try that with other commercial

   So, there it is. I am now routinely on AO-7 and
FO-29 using my pair of 18' beams...! Visit: 

http://www.ea4tx.com/products/ars.htm   or

I have photos available of the completed system if
anyone wants.

Michael K3MH K3MH@ARRL.NET  

Michael Hatzakis, Jr MD 
Physiatrist, Treating Individuals with Neuromuscular Disabilities 
Consultant, Information Technology Based Health Care Solutions

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