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Re: Re: [aprssig] Holiday Traveling = 144.39 CTCSS 100

This is probably going to label me as quite weird, but sometimes I like 
to listen to 144.39 with no tone squelch.  It's kind of hypnotic 
sometimes, hearing packet bursts from various distances and visualizing 
all these mobile beacons driving around .. ;-) .. but it's not a 
bothersome sound to me in any case.  If I'm driving alone, I might just 
leave the radio open and listen for APRS packets, because it's sort of 
reassuring to hear a frequency being used and knowing that's keeping at 
least one of our bands safe ..

On Tuesday, Dec 16, 2003, at 10:17 US/Central, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> No, APRS continues to work normally.  That is the beauty of VOICE 
> It is like getting a 3rd free radio in the car.  Since you are on APRS,
> everyone knows you are also monitoring 144.39 for VOICE ALERT with 
> 100, so no matter what you are doing on any other freq, they can still
> always call you quickly with PL 100 on 144.39 and ask you what freq you
> are on or ask you to QSY to their working voice channel...
"Oh yeah? Well, I speak LOOOOOOOUD, and I carry a BEEEEEEEger stick -- 
and I use it too!"  **whop!**   -- Yosemite Sam

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