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Re: Kenwood THF6 vs Icom IC-R10

Ronald Nutter wrote:

I am looking to get an additional radio primarily for AO-40 receive.  From
what I can see, these are my two candidates for that function.  Can anyone
who has used one or both of these give me your opinions ?

Wayne replies:

I don't think either of those radios would be very pleasant to use primarily
for AO40 reception.  They are difficult to tune compared to a larger radio
that has a "real" tuning knob.  The IF bandwidth is much wider than a
"proper" SSB receiver, so you will hear excess noise and interference.
Neither of them has a computer interface for Doppler tuning (not essential,
but handy).

My recommendation would be to get a FT-817 or a PCR-1000 if you want a small
radio for AO40 reception.  They both seem to be popular for AO40 reception.
They PCR-1000 is a much better receiver than the IC-R10, at a slightly
higher price.  The FT-817 is far more versatile than a THF6, but it does
cost about twice as much.

A low-cost method for AO40 reception is to get a Radio Shack or Uniden 10m
SSB transceiver and a 2m-to-10m downconverter.  This would be cheaper than
the THF6 or IC-R10 and would give better reception.

Wayne Estes
Mundelein, IL, USA

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