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re: zoomable maps

   Bob how are you. You need to run UIView with the Precision Mapping package,
   to get zoomable maps. I run UIView 99 % of the time now.The cost of the
   package with the mapping s/w you have to register comes to about $60.  ...

Is that really true???  I had zoomable maps derived from USGS' DLG format
on a Macintosh laptop nearly 20 years ago (with AX25 implemented in Common
Lisp).  It split a quad into about a hundred smaller quads and paged the
needed ones in in software.  That meant it could handle grid square corners
easily.  There were also a set of tiny quads with just the major roads in 
them, so wider views wouldn't take prohibitively long to refresh.  I didn't 
ave a GPS back then and would have to enter my location graphically with a 
mouse.  I suppose i could try to resurrect that code and see if i can make
it run under MOL (Macintosh On LINUX, which would still be an older PowerPC
executing 68000 code...)  I think it would still work OK as Apple did a
pretty code job with its compatability mode (as i do run other CommonLisp
code from that era), but i may only be able to run with native-mode MacOS
as i doubt MOL's serial emulation is good enough to run the KISS-mode AX25
driver.  Maybe it would work with a more modern CommonLisp if i rewrote
some of the AX25 code.  I $digress...

I just assumed that the PC version had zoomable maps all along.  Is that 
not the case?
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