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Re: Computer controlled radio seen at AMSAT Annual Meeting 03

At 05:28 AM 12/15/2003 +0000, John B. Stephensen wrote:
>The SDR-1000 seems to be designed for experimenters who are interested in
>narrow-band weak-signal reception. A SDR for satellite users would be very
>useful, but only if it digitizes at least a 1MHz band so that wideband 
>data and
>multiple simultaneous receive channels could be handled.

Previously  I said:
>>until that time I don't think I'd go down that road
>> > except as a novel experiment.

I think that's what I said - novel. Experimental.

I'm fairly new (8 months) to this list, but since the SAREX people seem to 
jump on others who comment or cross posted from/to SAREX maybe QEX should 
consider the same?  After alll, the SDR-1000 isn't sat capable, so why the 
discussion at all?  I was merely commenting on the technology, not how much 
fun it might be.  I like cooking, but I doubt this list wants me to post my 
newest chicken recipe.

73 and season greetings,

- Emily

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