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I write these few lines in total excitement, as the shack is filled by the
harsh sound of AO40's beacon, booming down three solid S points over the
noise and IZ8BLY's software decodes steady. Range is over 52,000 km and squint
is 27...

A  HI, THIS IS AMSAT OSCAR-40       2003-12-13  21:40:01  #0BC3 
|  Hgt: 48270 km   Lon: 50  Lat: 9   ALON: 0  ALAT: 21         |

What's so exciting about this? It's MY FIRST TIME, first trial, immediate
success - I cannot believe it myself. I simply can't wait another two weeks
to have my first qso! 

What a fantastic ham life! :)

Piero HB9DSU
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