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zoomable maps

 Bob how are you. You need to run UIView with the Precision Mapping package,
to get zoomable maps. I run UIView 99 % of the time now.The cost of the
package with the mapping s/w you have to register comes to about $60.  It is
by far the best APRS software out there right now, especially for Sats..I
still run your DOSAPRS occasionally on my HP 200LX Palmtop. Have a safe
journey on your holiday trip this year....

73 Jeff kb2m

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Bob Bruninga" <bruninga@usna.edu>
> I decided to try UIview...  It seems to work.
> But I have to admit I have never seen UI view before and was frustrated by
> many APRS things and confused.  I couldnt believe that his maps dont zoom!
> Nothing further from a "real-time-tactical-tool" than I can think of!
> Oh well...
> Bob
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