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Anyone using WISP DDE, can answer a question for me?


	Having trouble figuring out how to synchronize my transmitter and receiver
while operating on a satellite using Satscape.

	I am using SatScape with WISP DDE version 4.1 and I am having trouble
getting my routine straight.  I use primarily AO-7 and FO-29.  Typically, I
set Satscape down-link for the beacon frequency, until I hear the beacon, I
then set the up- and down-links for the middle of the passband.  I set AO-7
for inverting and FO-29 non-inverting, ie., one, the frequencies both go in
the same direction, the other they go in opposite directions.

	Once I hear a clear receive frequency, I synchronize my receiver to my
transmit freq by tuning my transmitter until I can hear my received signal,
obviously, as quickly as I can so as not to disturb others.

	This is the part I have trouble with.  Under the "Radios" and "Uplink"
boxes, I click the box so that the tranceiver (an IC-910H) will select the
VFO (UHF or VHF band) I want to Satscape to allow me to tune and then read
it's freq.  Problem is, when I finally find my own signal, the downlink then
changes frequency also, so I lose my synchronization.  I cannot figure out
how to change the downlink frequency using the radio, have the WISP DDE or
Satscape read that frequency, but leave the uplnk where it is so the two are
then coupled properly.

	What do others do?

Help...!!  Michael  K3MH

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