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Re: Holiday Traveling = 144.39 CTCSS 100

On Fri, 12 Dec 2003, Edward R. Cole wrote:

> I like the idea.  APRS is still not "common" on Alaska roads but more are
> showing up.  This voice-alert idea might offer more incentive to it.  One
> technical question:  If you use the CTCSS decoder in the radio, doesn't
> this eliminate all "normal" APRS signals if they aren't using 100Hz?

Yes, unless the TNC is connected at the Discrimnator.  Since the Kenwoods
are fully integrated internal TNC's then they are so connected...

> Or do you use an external CTCSS board to gate an external speaker?  Just
> thinking it would be a shame not to have normal APRS if one had gone to the
> trouble to have an APRS capable mobile?

External CTCSS ios just too much of a hassle.  Is asier to just dig in for
the disc ooutput (Unsquelched)...

> No progress on setting up a sat-IG for 145.825 until after the holidays.
> Have to recover the budget for acquiring the TNC and LAN card to connect
> the laptop to the DSL router.  Looking at using UI as software and IC-2A as
> roof-top receiver.  DSL is operative though.

Belive it or not, FINALLY, last night yours truely finally had an urgent
need for an Igate down at the PCSAT integration site so that I could
montior the satelite remotely.  There I was at ground zero.  Had no idea
what program to download...

I decided to try UIview...  It seems to work.
But I have to admit I have never seen UI view before and was frustrated by
many APRS things and confused.  I couldnt believe that his maps dont zoom!
Nothing further from a "real-time-tactical-tool" than I can think of!

Oh well...

I justrr heard about WinAPRS LITE that is an IGATE and requires no
installation.  All you have to do is just run an EXE, or so I hear.
I'm glnna look for a copy somewhere...


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