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RE: How to stream AO-40 telemetry to Goddard?

Hi All,

Thanks to Gunther, W8GSM, I now have a copy of UDPTelem.exe, and am
currently streaming AO-40 telemetry to Goddard.

If you want to see the telemetry as it arrives, then:

1.  Obtain a copy of Stacey Mill's P3T program (v2.08) from

2.  Once you have started P3T, select the "Menu | Internet" screen.

3.  Click on "Client (data in)"

4.  Enter "" in the "Host TCP/IP Address:" field.

5.  Leave the "Port:" field at the default of 1024

6.  Press the "Connect" button.  You should see a message at the bottom of
the window similar to "Connect to: garc9.gsfc.nasa.gov"

7.  From the main P3T window, select the "Status" option;  you should now
see values update in near real-time as each block comes in via the Goddard
telemetry server.

Have fun!

73 Chris vk6kch

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