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UT 2003 on a PCI parallel port?

At 00:32 12/9/03 -0000, you wrote:
>I have what seems to be a slightly flakey MOBO port, and I would like to see
>if a PCI port is useable.  When I try the PCI port, UT does not complain
>about there being nothing attached, but it refuses to read the port.  I
>suspect something other than changing the port in the UT configuration is
>needed, if it is possible with the PORTNT95 driver.  UT will read the MOBO
>port correctly as say LPT2 if I change it to that in the BIOS and the
>configuration.  Disabling the MOBO port and making the PCI port LPT1 did not
>work.  Any suggestions?
									10 December 2003
		Yes, I have a suggestion.
	 Don't try to make UT-2003 do something that it is not designed to do.

	UT-2000 was designed to interface with the PC via a PARALLEL port.

	UT-2003 was designed to interface via a SERIAL (or USB) port. NOT VIA A

	The software "reads" the appropriate port as designed, not a port of your

	One last comment: 
	If you have a problem with your PC and/or its accessories, don't try to
modify Uni_Trac to compensate for some other fault. Two wrongs don't make a

	73s,  de John  G3BVU/W1.

	Yours truly,

	C.J.Beanland, MSEE, C.Eng., MIEE, MRAeS.
	Sales Manager,
	Spectrum International,Inc.	spectrum@spectrum-intl.com
	P.O. Box 1084,			Tel: (978) 263-2145
	Concord, Mass. 01742.		Fax: (978) 263-7008
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