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AMSAT Microsat Design Data

The following paragraphs are from the minutes of the AMSAT Board 
of Directors meeting held October 8-9 1995.

I haven't found any additional information on this topic beyond
what is in the minutes.


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     VIII. Making MICORSAT Design Data More Freely Available to Non-
     Commercial Groups
     Bill Tynan introduced an agenda topic that had been requested by 
     Bob Twiggs KE6QMD of Stanford University.  This involves making 
     AMSAT's Microsat designs available to amateur, non-commercial, or 
     non-government groups free of charge.  This would replace the 
     previous policy in which payment was asked, to defray AMSAT's 
     cost in the MICROSAT Project.  Prof. Twiggs specifically proposed 
     to put the information in electronic form and have it available 
     for downloading once a specific group had been determined to met 
     the non-commercial and non-government criterion.  He offered to 
     be the keeper of the information.  The need to include the 
     Microsat operating system software was also noted.
     The general consensus was that the time had come when such action 
     should be taken.  It was noted that the MICROSAT technology is 
     not mature and AMSAT has pretty much recovered its investment.  
     It was also noted that the task of servicing those organizations 
     which have received the technology under the existing policy 
     places a significant strain on many AMSAT volunteers who are 
     quite busy with other things.  The inference was expressed that 
     no-cost distribution would carry less pressure to respond to 
     requests for further and more detailed information.
     Tom Clark offered the opinion that making MICROSAT technology 
     more available should contribute to getting younger amateurs and 
     university groups involved and is the best way to ensure the 
     survival of the Amateur Satellite Service.
     Accordingly Dick Daniels moved that AMSAT release the MICROSAT 
     design and technology to Amateur Radio or educational 
     organizations at a no cost, but controlled, basis.  This is not 
     to infer that AMSAT will necessarily provide further support to 
     those using the technology.  Tom Clark suggested adding the 
     stipulations that any group acquiring and using the MICROSAT 
     technology must agree to make available any improvements and/or 
     modifications to the design available to the amateur community.  
     The motion was seconded by Bob Myers and passed unanimously.  An 
     announcement will soon be made of this new policy.
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