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G5500 Controller with G550A, G450A

I think I've seen this mentioned before, but never did see a totally
conclusive answer.

Can a G5500 control box be used to effectively control a G550A el unit
and a G450A az unit?

The G550A is the same unit used in the G5500, so that shouldn't be a
problem, and I believe the 450A and the G5500 Az unit are either the
same, or the same as far as control goes with the G5500 having a
slightly beefier rating.

Anyhow, I've got a set of G450/G550 and would like to do computer
control with them, and a G5500 control box would seem to be ideal.  

If it is useable, is anyone aware of a good source of finding just the
control box?  Can a "replacement" be ordered from yaesu?

Anyone got one they're looking to sell?


Ryan Butler

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