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Re: Re: Secrets...

On Tuesday, Dec 9, 2003, at 00:26 US/Central, Daniel Schultz wrote:

> The issue of whether to publish schematics and other technical data is 
> not an
> easy one, and there are legitimate arguments to be made by both sides. 
> [excellent commentary snipped]

One thing I would like to see, and this may work around some of the 
proprietary issues, is some technical reference at least for design 
principles and standards .. thinking more about how to help make it 
easier to create new satellite designs or construct new hardware than 
to troubleshoot existing hardware at this point.  If a satellite or 
payload could be made at least somewhat "open source" from the 
beginning, at least in terms of the amateur radio functionality, this 
might bring in a lot of talent that's currently floating around within 
AMSAT waiting for something to do.

What I've been wanting to try my hand at, as an example, is building a 
reasonably good quality HELAPS (or possibly a better type if there is 
one) amplifier for a transponder.  The amplifier is the biggest and 
most important building block of a transponder, and if I could learn 
how to build that type of hardware and learn the electrical and 
physical design techniques to get it space-rateable, that would be 
something that would get me a long way toward designing and building a 
sat or participating in the design and construction of a bigger one.  
There are other components I would like to learn to tackle as well, but 
the amplifier seems to be the one true core component in terms of 
getting a signal back down to the ground ..

Anyone else have a pet satellite component they'd like to figure out 
how to build?  Anyone have expertise on any components that they are 
able and willing to share?

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life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out
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