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RE: Secrets

On Dec 9, 2003, at 9:20 AM, Robert McGwier wrote:

> This is one of the most inane emails I have read in
> years on this BBS.

I am not sure about inane but I personally have found this whole thread 
to rather odd and depressing.  The view from a "non-designer".... me, 
is that some of the comments and elitist attitudes from the "True 
Designers" have no place in Amateur Radio.  I sure they work fine in 
commercial industry.

  I like the idea of keeping it simple and having students/universities 
building our satellites.  Its seems a lot of our money is going to 
private industry.  When the builders we use now, and it looks like it's 
been the same group for a number of years, decides to stop building who 
will fill the void?

The only post that has made much sense to me was from Dan N8FGV. 
Although I don't understand how the some foreign country is going to 
get the upper-hand by having the detailed plans/schematics to an F0-29 
or UO-14. It is just as well I don't.

This is simply a view from a AMSAT member/appliance operator wondering 
why this whole process has to be so complicated or why it was allowed 
to become so complicated.


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