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Hi all,
         Quite interesting to follow the discussions
regarding ``openness'' ...  . ..
         Yeah! William(PE1RAH) has made one of the
transponders for vusat(aka Hamsat). He was not asked
to give the circuits for more than one reason. Infact
I am giving general reasons when one should not ask
for greater details of a project without belittling
William's effort in making a transponder.
         1. We didnot fund the project. It was purely
his invidual effort. So morally it was not correct for
us to ask for circuits.So we were happy at the block
level diagrams and many were quite explicit. 
         2. We have not even given him components or
any other hardware. The testing and final
qualifications had to be done in Netherlands. All his
efforts again! 
         3. Because of the distance involved it was
not possible for him to attend the design reviews.
         4. There was no commitment from us to fly his
hardware and he had to take his own decision to spend
the money. The only assurance he had was from me as a
`ham-to-ham' for a `try' when I met him in Marburg.\
         5. There was an intense uncertainity about
vu, Dutch and Italian transponders during the initial
stage and I could sense this feeling of ``closedness''
from couple of designers.
         6. Since we had decided to take it as a
`black box' in a fully tested condition, it was
sufficient for   us to know the adherence to
         7. Anyhow it would not have served us any
purpose to get the details, as a linear Mode-B
transponder is not a `secret' thing anymore. We needed
a working piece in time!!. If we had bothered too much
about the inner details, then things would have got
        However, it may be noted that we have had
complete documentation for not only the other
transponder on vusat but also for all the systems on
vusat. We too go through many design reveiw processes
wherein documentation is a must. Ofcourse the
documents are a property of the government since we
are getting the satellite as a `gift'. I would insist
for a complete circuit level documentation whenever
Amsat-India makes something on its own.
        I am for a detailed documentation for any
system - space or ground - unless one of the seven
criteria above are applicable.  
-Nagesh, VU2NUD
Co-ordinator, Amsat-India

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