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Re: What Secrets?

Franklin Antonio wrote:
> At 03:35 PM 12/7/2003, Jeff Davis wrote:
>> When I read Peter's email he offered you the information that you seek 
>> with a simple caveat:  "If someone wants it, he can come to us and 
>> convince us, that it is for a real serious project and not an 
>> interesting souvenir to have."
> My experience asking questions of Peter and AMSAT-DL is that they are 
> not answered.  I had a very frustrating experience trying to get some 
> very simple information about AO40 before launch.  His caveat therefore 
> is disingenuous.

This comment is ridiculous.

I was almost 4 month in Kourou, even did not had time to write
e-mail to my family and friends.

I can not remember any mail from you.

If I did not answered, I simply had no time or it wasn't so important
or it got lost in the hundreds of email of those days.

If you posted it on AMSAT-BB, I could not read it, because I
was unsubscribed until I was back home..

Those who know me, know that I usually answer very quickly, if I can..

73s Peter, DB2OS

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