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Re: Re: Secrets...

I am a computer programmer and release all of my sofware as free 
software, the concept of free software is that the source code must be 
included along with the software. This way the sofware can be improved 
and the errors in it can be noticed and fixed. A lot of software is 
released under the GNU public license this lisence gives the creator of 
the software credit. now there comes a few problems when applying this 
to hardware, the creator of the schematic can keep his name with it, but 
as far as the boards produced from it there is very little way to allow 
the creator of the schematic credit on the board. If the schematics are 
released for AO-40 and other satilites are published it will allow more 
experimentation as well as allow more people to start working with the 
technology. I have always thought that this is what ham radio is about 
learning about the technology of radio and how it can be used to benefit 
people, and it is in my opinion that releasing the schematics would do 
this, releasing them would be as easy as scanning them.


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