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Re: Echo and its usefulness

I'm not sure where you are in Alaska, AL1F, but your QTH certainly
doesn't sound so bad to me.  I checked AO-7 predictions for Hooper Bay,
AK, and if one can work to low elevations from there, then perhaps WAS
might be possible (one would have overlap with Maine and Florida, as
well as California, of course).  Not only should one be able to work
Tokyo, it looks like one could work Moscow as well on AO-7 from Hooper
Bay.  If RS-15 were working, you'd really be in good shape in terms of
reaching all 50 states.

Speaking of which, what about getting a FM-uplink bird into a somewhat
higher orbit, at least as high as AO-7, maybe even RS-15?  That would
make things exciting for newcomers.

But i do remember well working Alaska and Hawaii on the same AO-27 pass 
from Walnut Creek, California on low power (140mW) using a long rubber 
duck with the equivalent of a short metal fence as a reflector.  That 
was lots of fun and i hope that good old bird can be revived one of 
these days.
		      -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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