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Re: Re: Secrets...

Hello Kevin,

I see you are not a designer that has designed things with many privat hours 
put in it, and even many privat money put in a project.

I have done several projects, with my own privat time, and also privat 
Several of these projects are my idea and 99% my work, but when you hear 
later on the band some hams talking about these radios, giving speeches 
about these designs, and even get funds of my designs, that made me thinks 
not twice but even ten time more about it to publish future projects of me.

And I don't want to have my name on it, I don't want to get any funds for my 
projects, the only thing I want is that it my technology will contribute 
into new technology, and not into money and virtual knowledge of other 
people (hams and none-hams).

Just as an example: I asked many times technology for making a moon station.
The only reactions I get is: 'I read about.....' , 'read this website.....' 
, ' in 1960 they did it like.....'

No one has its own idea, no one tries to find a new way, its all copy copy 
The only way to get the technology level high is to think out something new.

Then about the fundings of hams to the satellites like Ao40 and others...
In my opinion this doesn't mean that the circuits also belong to all 
amateurs who fund the satellites.
So when I put a small donation into Farary Grand Prix, I will have the blue 
prints of this racing car ???? Thats really cool... lets say I give 10 
dollar :o) You think they give me the blue prints ?

I have designed the mode-uv transponder for P3e. I did it because I like to 
design circuits, not for the money not for the fame, and I even didn't get 
any money for all the many hours I spend designing it, because for me its 
hobby. The only money I get is for the components, not for the time to think 
out the problems and designing the circuits. The circuits designs belong to 
me,  and for all hams in the world I give my free time and electronical 
knowledge for free, so they have a new transponder to enjoy their hobby. So 
the satellite is from the hams, but the designs belong to the designers.

With the VUSAT transponder I even spend my own privat money to fund the 
components. Not only for the final design, but also for the whole 
development designs. And you think you spend 100 dollar for the circuits and 
sit in your chair with a glass of wine and read my circuits hihi...
No, not in a 100 years when you ask me...

You can use my transponder(s) for free, and all hams can do. When you want 
to know more about transponder designs, there are many books like RSGB, 
ARRL, UKW unterlagen with the same technology enough to make your own 
It only takes some time and lots of money to find the right way, I know... 
all designers know...

Kind regards to all of you,
73 de PE1RAh, William

>From: kevin schuchmann <kschuchm@pacbell.net>
>To: "William Leijenaar" <pe1rah@hotmail.com>, amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: Secrets...
>Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 13:38:02 -0800
>On Saturday 06 December 2003 09:48, William Leijenaar wrote:
> > Hi AMSATs,
> >
> > In my opinion these circuits must not beeing sold. Then they would only 
> > to the 'rich' amateurs that even don't know how to hold a screw-driver, 
> > talk like they are the best designers in the world.
> >
> > The designs must be available for the real designers. designers that can
> > proof they know what they are talking about, and it doesn't matter if 
> > have money enough to buy these circuits.
> >
> > Me as designer of the Dutch VUSAT transponder have received many emails
> > with questions for thecircuit designs of my transponder. Even kits, and
> > complete copies of my transponder have been asked. I refuse to give any 
> > these information to these hams, because they are not interresting in 
> > technology, but only in copying and having a transponder (with their 
> > on it at the end ofcourse), and I have spend many time and money to
> > develope it...
> > (I already have many experience with other projects of me, its a way of
> > learning to protect your designs)
> > Real designers will come with technical questions, about circuit parts, 
> > about questions about whole transponders...
> >
> > Keep them only for the real designers, it keeps the level of technology
> > high, and the future satellite better :o)
> >
> > Designers must design a satellite and talkers must talk about the 
> > to the people around the world to make the project more interresting to
> > financers :o)
> > Everyone its own part... that would make everything so much easier...
> >
> > 73 de PE1RAH, William
> > ---
>Man is Ham Radio getting screwed up as a group...  MINE MINE MINE... your 
>smart enough to understand my design... BUG OFF I did the work....
>did it every occur? if your call is on the boards, if you publish the 
>that you in effect tell the world this layout is mine...  this design is
>mine? many people cheaply copyright things just by publishing... it does 
>prior work....
>  Ya sure there might be someone who would copy it and remove your info, 
>when everyone saw it was your design what do you think would happen to the
>credibility to the one claiming it as theirs?
>so if I understand this right.... all you "REAL DESIGNERS" wink wink nudge
>nudge secret handshake will "Keep them only for the real designers, it 
>the level of technology high, and the future satellite better :o)"
>Great!   then you good old boys should fund it yourself....
>   I'm sorry but with an attitude such as yours I would suggest a new
>organization should be founded... one that the members donate to, and then
>get maybe a Surrey or a small Sat company to build a sat with just what the
>donaters want... a simple FM Leo or a mode b bird or a HEO, no wheels, no 
>, no extra packages that some designer wanted to try out.. it might cost 
>same or more, heck it might cost less but at least it would be the members
>Sat and they could feel like they were part of it...
>     and let you elitist snob nosed designers fund your own  stuff...
>all you seem to want from us rabble is our money....
>Rant mode off
>shields up Mr. Sulu

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