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What Secrets?

This entire thread seems like a long whine and is completely lost 
on me. What *specific* information is desired that has not been
proffered in one manner or another?

You want to know all the 'secrets' about satellite design?

1. Do your research and make sure what you want to know hasn't already
been published.

2. Subscribe to this mailing list and ask good questions. When this is
done, we all benefit from the flow of information. When the
signal-to-noise of amsat-bb goes down due to off-topic posts and
pathetic commentary, we all suffer.

3. Join AMSAT and receive the bi-monthly Journal. Detailed satellite
information appears in every issue.

4. Attend the annual Space Symposiums where you will meet the equipment
designers and other "brain trust" of the amateur satellite community. In
addition to presenting detailed, technical papers on upcoming projects,
I have found the informal ragchews at the hotel 'watering hole' to be
the single best place to learn.

5. Volunteer to work on a specific project where you will learn even
more 'inside details' of what goes into the spacecraft prior to launch.

The real 'secret' is that there is no secret at all. If you want to know
how something works, you can find out but the sky doesn't simply open up
and drop it on your head. You may have to buy some books, burn a little
late night oil, take a few days off work and travel to a meeting or
symposium. You have to dig to find some gold... 

It's not the responsibility of AMSAT or any designer to *make* you
understand how something works or to coax you to RTFM. 

Jeff Davis, Ke9v
AMSAT #28350
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