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Secret ....

To All Hams Interested in Building you Own Satellite;

It was with great interest that I have been following dialog on all AMSAT 
members having access to documentation on satellites that you have 
contributed funds for development and launch.

I would like to challenge you to bring your technical talents and 
interested in developing your own technical ability to cooperatively 
working with the University CubeSat community.  These university students 
start with significantly less ability than you have, yet in a period of 
one-two years have a tremendous understanding of what it takes to build a 
flight satellite.

With the first launch of the CubeSats in June, there was great 
controversy  on the amsat-bb about these CubeSats making any technical 
contribution to the amateur community.  This brings me back to the dialog 
about "Secret" documentation on your funded satellites.  The general, but 
unstated, rule for those universities building CubeSats is that all design 
documentation except for payload must be in the public domain and available 
to anyone who asks for it.

Go check out the documentation list for universities at:


Imagine if there were a really good cooperative relationship between AMSAT 
and the University CubeSat community and all of those students become 
members of AMSAT.  What would that do for you membership?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I welcome your comments.

Bob Twiggs - KE6QMD
Stanford University

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